Friday, January 12, 2007

Our first hate mail!

Hello happy movie viewers!

As most of you know, we enjoy dissecting films on this blog. As a result, we're changing the world, one reader at a time! Keep up the good work!

"I can't be friends with you guys anymore. I was watching TV last night and American Beauty was on TNT… even though I hated that movie when I first saw it (you know me and deep movies ) I started watching it… and… I…. I liked it. And I understood it and started analyzing it, damn it!! I never do that! Do you know what this means?!?!?! That stupid review website of yours has ruined me!! All my life I have worked so hard to be a shallow, self-centered and empty shell, watching only action and scary movies…. And now you have robbed me of that. I've started thinking and I hate thinking!! So now I have to find some new shallow and self-centered people like me to be my friends."


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Stormy Pinkness said...

Well as sorry as I am to have offended our dear JBod, I think it is wonderful that we have started to spread our influence. Pretty soon we won't be seen as movie snobs but movie intellectuals and philosophers!